What are the Dangers of Blocked Cesspools?
Thursday, November 11th 2021, 2:00 AM

Risks of a Blocked Cesspool Every Homeowner Should Know

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What are the Dangers of Blocked Cesspools?

A cesspool, commonly known as a soakaway or sump pit, is an underground wastewater collection hole built with cement, concrete, stone, and brick. Some cesspools are constructed using perforated material to seep away wastewater into the surrounding earth. In essence, the sump pit stores wastewater temporarily before it drains into the earth. Initially, the cesspool was not linked to a septic tank, and raw wastewater was drained into it. This raw waste would then leak through the perforated sump pit building material into the ground. This design made the soakaway less efficient than the modern-day septic tank.

Initial cesspool designs could not separate liquids from solids, causing them to fill up faster. They needed frequent emptying by a commercial septic pumping service provider. They also contaminated groundwater easily. All these features made cesspools a less desirable home wastewater management design. Today, most cesspools are linked to a septic tank that holds solid waste. The septic tank is then pumped out and cleaned after a while to prevent blockage.

Hazards of a Blocked Cesspool

Most cesspools continue functioning after blocking, albeit at a lower efficiency. However, the sump pit poses a lot of danger to you and your surroundings when it is operating in this state. Here are some of the hazards of a blocked cesspool.

Wastewater Backup

Typically, cesspools depend on bacteria to set apart liquid from solid waste. However, this process has flaws that may cause the cesspool to clog over time leading to wastewater backup. In this case, you will have to request the assistance of septic cleaning services to diagnose and fix the problem. Search online for septic pumping near me to find cesspool service providers near you. If you do not keep your cesspool clean, you may have to pump it a couple of times in a year.

Environmental Pollution

A blocked cesspool causes environmental pollution. A lot of wastewater will leak into the environment from the bottom and sides of the cesspool. This untreated wastewater leaches into the ground and contaminates natural underground water reservoirs. It may also result in the multiplication and spread of disease-causing pathogens. To correct this issue, you need to use shock treatment or call for help from a reputable cesspool company. 

Compromised Drainage System

A blocked cesspool cannot take in more wastewater from your home's drainage system. This compromises your home's drainage system and causes stagnation of wastewater in the drain pipes and flooding. In Suffolk County, you will have to get the services of a drain cleaning company in Suffolk County and a cesspool pumping company in Suffolk County to clean, as well as restore your cesspool to its optimal efficiency.

Compromised Structure

When a cesspool is blocked, it may compromise the underground structure. This will, in turn, affect everything surrounding the sump pit. When your cesspool blocks, its bottom might sink below the natural water table. This structural compromise causes the groundwater to contact the cesspool's effluent directly. 

Cave in or Collapse

In most cases, very old cesspools have compromised structural integrity. As such, they are more likely to cave in or collapse when pressure builds up inside the cesspool. If you are in Suffolk County, you need to call a reliable cesspool service in Suffolk County to assess and fix your cesspool.

Foul Smell

Blocked cesspools often produce an unsettling foul smell. The smell can be more intense when it floods and compromises your home's internal drain system. If you are in Patchogue, you need to call a cesspool service in Patchogue to pump and clean your cesspool.

Contact The Professionals at Best Flo Sewer & Drain

These are some of the dangers of a blocked cesspool. Most of these dangers are life-threatening and should only be handled by qualified drain cleaning professionals. Best Flo Sewer & Drain is composed of cesspool experts that provide excellent septic system installation services. In addition, the company offers same-day cesspool repair solutions at affordable prices. Call if you are searching for a pumping service in Suffolk County.

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