Truths about Wet Wipes in Cesspool and Septic Tanks
Thursday, November 11th 2021, 2:00 AM

What You Should Know about Wet Wipes in Cesspool and Septic Tanks

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There are numerous hygiene products in the market today. Wet wipes are one of these products. They offer a safe and quick alternative to cleaning up after using the washroom. Wet wipes can also be used in many other cleaning activities, such as cleaning dirty hands. As such, they are used extensively, especially in lavatories. However, their use presents a disposal challenge. Some wet wipes, flushable wipes, are disposed of like normal tissue paper – by flushing them down the toilet. But is it right to flush wet wipes? Read on to find out the truths about wet wipes and their effects on cesspools and septic tanks.

Wet Wipes Do Not Disintegrate in Water

Chances are, you think flushable wet wipes undergo the same process as tissue paper when you flush it down the toilet. Essentially, toilet paper degrades immediately when it contacts water. It is composed of easy-to-break fiber that loosens when water is poured onto it. Unlike tissue papers, a wet wipe does not break apart when it comes to contact with water. This is because; wet wipes are made with special fibers that make them stay moist for a longer time. They come from their package, moist, and sustain their moisture when put in water. When you flush a wet wipe, it goes into your septic system as a solid, soggy matter.

Wet Wipes are Not Easy to Break Down by Bacteria

Cesspools and septic systems depend a lot on bacteria to degrade waste matter within the system. By design, toilet paper is broken down into smaller pieces by water. When the smaller pieces of the toilet paper get to the septic system, bacteria feeds off of the organic matter in the tissue paper. On the other hand, Wet wipes are made up of organic and inorganic matter such as rayon, cotton, plastic resins, and fibers. Bacteria in the cesspool and septic tank cannot feed on the inorganic matter, leaving the wet wipes unchanged within your septic system.

Wet Wipes Form a Solid Mass at the Bottom of your Cesspool and Septic Tank

Given that the wet wipes flushed down your toilet do not break down, they will accumulate at the bottom of your cesspool and septic tank to form a solid waste mass. This inorganic solid matter will combine with the normal sludge and settle at your septic tank or cesspool's bottom. You will have to hire the services of a commercial septic pumping to pump out the mass regularly to avert a major problem. If you are in Suffolk County, call Best Flo Sewer & Drain for the best cesspool pumping Suffolk County. The cesspool and septic tank specialists will pump out the wet wipes filled sludge, offer septic cleaning services and drain cleaning services at your request to restore your home's drainage and septic system to its optimum state of function.

Wet Wipes Cause Blockages and Clogs in Your Septic System

Flushing wet wipes down the toilet can easily lead to blockages in your home's sewer pipes and septic system. This could get out of control and become a major plumbing problem in the form of clogs. If this happens to you in Patchogue, you'll have to get the services of a cesspool service in Patchogue or search online for "septic pumping near me" to get a list of reliable septic and cesspool experts in your locality.

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