5 Signs of Drain Clogging and Who to Call to Fix It
Friday, December 3rd 2021, 9:00 PM

5 Signs You Have a Clogged Drain. Contact Best Flo Sewer & Drain!

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Homeowners, renters, and RVers alike have probably dealt with one common problem: a clogged drain. Sink clogs, shower clogs, and toilet clogs happen to everyone at least once in their life. Sometimes, the drain clog will cause water to back up and not drain, resulting in smelly, sticky, mucky water. No one enjoys cleaning out their sink—or worse, their toilet—when it’s backed up. Do you match this description? If you do, don’t worry! Best Flo Sewer & Drain is there to provide drain cleaning services in the Suffolk County area. They have serviced 90 towns, and yours could be next!

Before giving them a call, here are 5 signs that you have a clogged drain.

  • Slow Drainage/No Flow
    If the water in your sink seems to be flowing very slowly, or not flowing at all, this could indicate that you have a clogged drain. Occasionally, food will get stuck in the garbage disposal area, causing the water to stop flowing. You can usually clear it by turning on the disposal. If the problem persists, however, you may have a clog somewhere in the drainage system.
  • Water Backing Up
    If the water in your sink begins to back up as the water is flowing, this is a sign you have a clogged drain. This is most common when a toilet is clogged. If the toilet is continually flushed, the water will overflow, spilling all over the floor. In sinks, food will usually back up into the sink.
  • Toilet Overflowing
    Due to continual flushing, the toilet overflows. Nobody enjoys cleaning up the mess left from an overflowing toilet. Once you discover your toilet is clogged, the best way to avoid the toilet overflowing is to turn off the water so that the toilet won’t flush if the handle is pressed. 
  • Foul Smell
    If you’ve ever walked by your kitchen or bathroom sink and smelled a foul odor, you spotted one of the signs of a clogged drain. The waste that is washed down the drain builds up and starts to stink. Sometimes, this can be fixed with drain cleaner, but if the clog is too deep, you will need professional help.
  • Pests and Plants
    Around your sewer line, you may see weeds and mushrooms beginning to grow, depending on where you live. You will also see other signs of water damage, like puddles and dead grass. Pests, like flies and roaches, may also create nests near the drain clog and breed, causing an infestation in your home.

What Can I Do to Prevent Clogging a Drain?

Once you have your drain repaired, you will want to prevent clogging from happening again. Some of the ways you can prevent clogs from happening are:

  • Keep food, coffee grounds, and grease out of the kitchen drains.
  • Throw food into the garbage or compost bin rather than in the garbage disposal.
  • Store grease in a sealable container, and throw away once it is cool.
  • Keep hair out of your shower drain. There are all sorts of devices on the market now to keep hair out.
  • Do not flush anything other than toilet paper and human waste. Anything else that is flushed will clog a toilet. Yes, including “flushable” wipes. They are not flushable.
  • You can consult Best Flo Sewer & Drain for drain cleaning tips to avoid clogs.

Who Should You Contact?

If you have a clogged drain and can’t find the clog, you should contact Best Flo Sewer & Drain. The company offers the best drain cleaning in Suffolk County. They are a certified, licensed, and insured company that has been providing drain cleaning services to the Suffolk County area for over 30 years. You can get a free quote through their website or by giving them a call at (631) 696-1913.

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